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I guess I should really start getting active on these sites again, I apologize for being antisocial with you guys! Got a job about two months ago and that's been good though my body had to get used to it. Still need to get better shoes since I stand all day. Uhh got a new desktop with the money I got from my job. Told myself I was gonna get me something nice before saving all the rest of it up for in the future so I finally have a desktop that's up to date! Been playing Saints Row the Third with ShadowthShapeShifter on and off as well as working on things for Secondlife. Graduated this year and will be hopefully looking for college or something of the likes this year or in the next few years. Uhhh if I can think of anything else I'll be sure to add it here!

I know it's late but I'll be Livestreaming a project I've been working on on and off over that last month. It's been slow despite how simple it is because of working and finishing up school. It's a large group shot of various cruxes from here and on furaffinity! So come join, chat, and listen to some tunes.…


Friends in real-life

My buds
Sorry if you're not on here, I just put people on here that I talk to the most now D:
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We miss you...
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